Shuttle Launcher

The club has invested in a new piece of kit, a shuttle launcher which is already a hit with members. 

The shuttle launcher allows members to practice their return shots. It can be adjusted in its speed in feeding shuttles as well as the positions it feeds shuttles onto the court. This allows members to be fed varied shots from short to long, side to side, at various speeds, echoing game play. 

The launcher can be loaded with two hundred shuttles at a time, so members can have continous shuttles fed to them in a rally like style.

The team will have a vote on the name of the shuttle launcher!

Reactions from those that have had a go so far:

"It is really good at feeding to different positions on court so I have to keep moving and changing my position. It is all about learning to get back to the centre of the court so I have more chance in returning the next shot."

"It creates varied and unpredictive shots, which reflects normal game play, so it's really useful."

"It is great once you've got use to it."

"It frees up a coach, so instead of them continoulsy feeding to me, the shuttle feeder can do that, allowing the coach to coach me from the sideline."

More updates with photos and videos will be uploaded once we have fully got to grips with the controls!